To be the choosen team with high responsibility, full sincerity,  patience, respect and quality to support and give  best performance in servicing our customer.




To be the most competitive manufacturer of mixer, tank, liquid and food processing system in Indonesia. To help people create their own business through UMKM level business and make Indonesia’s economical growth.


We will continue to build & innovative, in Integrated Design, Engineering and Manufacturing, Excellent in Quality, Excellent in Service, Proactive communication.Discover Now



We adopt a high-standard procedure in all of our processes in order to produce not only a highly efficient but also an excellent quality of tank with the aim to fulfill our customer satisfaction.


This company is supported by numbers of experienced engineers and professional drafters who assist our customers with a specific-requirement project.


Our best price factor is one of the key points in choosing our product. We provide best deal through various standard sizes of tank to best fit our customers’ needs.

EXPERIENCES has been a mixer/storage tank manufacturer for food and beverage industries since 1998. Our products have been part of many successful and respectful multinational

was start to operate in 1999 with the total production area of 4,850 m2.
We have 2 strategic plant at Cikarang Kab. Bekasi, with total of 150 employees (12 Engineering teams).

We are focusing in making a system for Pharmacy, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage, and Chemical Industries.

We have special team to develop Liquid Processing System, that suitable for UMKM, such as  line for syrup, sambal, tea product (cup and bottle), milk tea and  coffee purposes, cosmetics (lipstic, cream and Body lotion), and liquid soap product.

Now, all Indonesian people can be the entrepreneur with limited budget.

Just discuss your budget with us when you have plan to do your own business, we will help you to choose the most suitable business type and capacity based on your budget and market demand




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